Post Punk Pop Style

#1 The Hannover Mitte

Cris and Michael met at the legendary CASABLANCA in Hannover. Cris just returned from his first trip to New York and inspired by the scene was saying: “I want to publish a magazine.” Michael: “Me too.” We started the next day, snatched Thomas from the turntables at CASABLANCA.  No experience, no funds, no computer, lot’s of glue, fun and music. Three months later ELASTE was launched.

#2 The Robots

#3 The Andy Warhol

#4 The Russians

#7 The Sports

#8/9 The Classic

# 10 The Psychedelic

# 12/13 WHY?

# 14 The Patsies

# 15 Punk macht dicken Arsch

# 16 The Heavy Metal

Sniffin' Glue



The King of Pop Art, our biggest inspiration, and the most enormous influence in contemporary art were coming to visit the Hinterland. 




Ping Pong mit den Rolling Stones (Deutsch)

You can't always get what you want

Hero For One Day

Fool For a Life Time



Looking for the Thin White Duke

Joi Trouvé



by Iggy Pop | Post Pop Depression


I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This Shit

London, UK Art handlers with Andy Warhol’s Queen Elizabeth II (part of his Reigning Queens series) during a preview of Prints and Multiples and Banksy: I Can’t Believe You Morons Actually Buy This...

Covid-19 x Valérie Belin

‘In light of the present crisis, I think back to this photograph. It is emblematic of the technological obsolescence of the yesterday world, but which paradoxically seems to foreshadow the future,...

Creative Protest

Hongkongers find creative ways to voice protest. From holding up blank sheets of paper to baking messages into mooncakes, people are devising new ways to protest amid repressive security law The day...

Gareth Pugh’s Grand Reconstruction

The timing of Gareth Pugh’s comeback is as bold as his designs. Pugh observes in his press notes: “Naomi Klein speaks about the idea that seemingly impossible ideas become possible in times of...

Afropunk ‘s Not Dead

The Stars of Afropunk Festival – In Pictures Since 2005, Afropunk has celebrated the music, fashion, and beatboxing of black artists – and seen the crowd swell to 70,000. Phil Knott talks us through...

Electronic at the Design Museum Review – A Sweaty Rave Paradise Lost

From squat synthesizers to a gyrating cube, a new exhibition dedicated to dance music culture poignantly brings the spirit of communal celebration to a museum One of the first items you see upon...

Basquiat & Warhol and Downtown’s It Crowd

The 1980s was arguably the most exciting time for artists in Downtown New York, and photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron was there to capture so many of the big names from that lush and fertile...

Kei Ninomiya at Noir

Kei Ninomiya at Noir proved again that If there is an heir apparent to Rei Kawakubo, he is it. His show featured garments of otherworldly complexity that pushed the envelope to outer space. The...

The Art of Rebellion

A young woman gets her freak on. Tseung Kwan O Police Station, Hong Kong.


by Pyotr Pavlensky. In the early hours of Oct. 16, 2017, Pavlensky set fire to the ground-floor windows of a branch of the Banque de France on the Place de la Bastille. "Institutions of power are...


WIM WENDERS presents “(E)motion”, a site-specific visual installation and the first collective exhibition of his work. Scenes from movies including “Paris, Texas”, “Wings of Desire”, “Pina”, “Buena...


Following projects in Taipei and Seoul, the 37-meter-long KAWS:HOLIDAY Companion is set to dock in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. The KAWS:HOLIDAY sculpture is the largest reclining Companion ever....

Frieze L.A.

Kori Newkirk's "Signal" is made of television antennas. The artist says, “I was born analog, but I will die digital and my experience is of both.”

Ton, Steine, Scherben.

Paris, a Porsche vandalized during scuffles with riot police by Gilet Jaunes

New York Posts

Scott took direct aim at his theme, which was the news. Fake news. Clickbait. Tabloids screaming horrors. Jeremy Scott working with the artist Aleksandra Mir, conjured a collection that felt very...

Andy Warhol – From A to B and Back Again

A sweeping retrospective shows a personal side of the Pop master — his hopes, fears, faith — and reasserts his power for a new generation. Andy Warhol’s “Flowers” series from 1964 has been set...

Ugly Beauty

Cindy Sherman’s Instagram Selfies Mimicry in nature was first observed in butterflies, in the 19th century. Certain breeds pose as wasps; others bear marks falsely advertising that they are...

Plasti Elasti

Kid playing with Plasti Elasti, London. Photo: Peter Nicholls/Reuters

“Work Hard, Live Hard, and Fuck hard.”

Richard Bernstein, Andy Warhol’s Favorite Artist     What does it take to become a star? In the 1970s and ’80s, it seemed as easy as sitting for artist Richard Bernstein. “Bernstein’s...

Lotic is Using Their Voice

  A candid conversation with the artist about their debut album, using their voice, and watching America from afar. One of many terrible things about technology is that it conflates connection...

Aladdin Sane

A photograph from the photo session for David Bowie’s 1973 album Aladdin Sane has been gifted to the V&A as it announced record visitor figures for its world-touring David Bowie is exhibition....

Chemical X turns ecstasy into art.

He shot to national prominence with an artwork that depicted supermodel Cara Delevingne in an arrangement of 7,000 ecstasy pills. Now Chemical X, the anonymous artist credited with designing...

“Street Power”

Ho99o9 is pronounced horror, and no, the band is not demonic or satanic. “Most people are like, 'Isn’t that 666?' I’m like, 'It’s clearly a f---ing nine!'” said theOGM, who makes up the group with...

Club Design and the Evolution of Desire, Seduction, and Utopia

Vitra Design Museum is exploring the vibrant history behind the connection between club culture and the realms of art and design for a forthcoming exhibition known as “Night Fever.” What does it...

Blinded by the Light

James Turrell obliterates the senses in stunning new Mona wing Mona owner David Walsh calls his $32m new wing ‘a testimonial to the power of light as art’.   When people talk about having a...

Was Lil Peep Leading the Way for Sincerity in Rap Music?

Full disclosure: I only heard of Lil Peep for the first time on November 16, 2017, the day of his untimely death. I had no idea that emo had any sort of relevance in this day and age, let alone that...

Purple Reigns

The Pantone Color Institute has announced a new shade of purple in honor of Prince. The new hue has been dubbed Love Symbol #2, after the singer’s logo and custom-made Yamaha purple piano....

Us and Chem

We caught up with skater Blondey McCoy in the final days of his debut exhibition Us and Chem, as he chatted with art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist about mental health, social media, and grannies...

“Jeff Koons Balloons,

I Just Wanna Blow Up" . JAY-Z, photographed performing to over 85,000 fans at the closing of day one of England's "V Festival" at Weston Park in South Staffordshire on Saturday evening. His stage...

What is New Order Untitled?

Graphic designer Saville tells Lou Stoppard about creating New Order Untitled in 1989 to coincide with the band's US tour. ‘‘Untitled' is that impulse to share something with other people but...


x James Victore. Victore attributes his compulsion to question authority to his childhood on a military base during the Vietnam War. After dropping out of art school, he began producing...


Last night, a Chinatown street hidden underneath the Manhattan Bridge became the scene for Raf Simons’s second men’s wear show in New York, which was largely inspired by the movie “Blade Runner.” “I...


Keep IT Alive is an exhibition of Alan Vega’s final work, a suite of haunting large-scale paintings he had completed just before his death in July, 2016. Born in Brooklyn in 1938, Vega is known...

Empty Gallery, Paris

Between Paris’s 10th and 18th Arrondissements on Wednesday evening, Virgil Abloh opened his pop-up Empty Gallery as a preview of his soon-to-arrive New York City store, which will go by the same...
Warhol Foundation Loses Prince Appropriation Appeal

Warhol Foundation Loses Prince Appropriation Appeal

An appeals court ruled that Andy Warhol violated a photographer’s copyright by appropriating her image for a silk-screen he did in 1984. Andy Warhol’s ”Prince,” which became the subject of a court case over copyright issues.The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual...

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The Cassette Tape Era

The Cassette Tape Era

Lou Ottens, the inventor responsible for making music literally fit in the palm of your hand, has died at the age of 94. The Dutch native was the head of product development at Philips in the early 1960s when he began developing cassettes as an answer to the large and...

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JAPAN’s Quiet Life Gets Another Listen

JAPAN’s Quiet Life Gets Another Listen

If ever there was a band who could have literally taken over the world but failed to do so as a result of “artistic differences,” it’s Japan. But that doesn’t mean their legacy should be any less celebrated. And Quiet Life – their third, final, and most successful...

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Do Everything Feel Nothing

Dry Cleaning’s assembled observations capture the distortion of life on and off the internet, of spewing our deepest emotions into an anonymous void but biting our tongue when we encounter a real person. Type what you really feel, then close the tab and delete your...

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Rina Sawayama, Philosophical and Glittery Cute

Through Rina Sawayama's alternative take on East Asian beauty standards and philosophical, "glittery cute" R&B sound, the Niigata-born, London-bred musician and model has carved a path of her own with few precedents to look up to. Celebrating her unique take on...

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Ping Pong mit den Rolling Stones

Ping Pong mit den Rolling Stones

Ping Pong mit den Rolling Stones„Ah, ein Konzert... Ach, die Stones... Okay, wir geh’n aber echt nur hin, wenn wir Pressekarten kriegen.“ – Als die Rolling Stones 1982 auf der Tour zum „Tattoo- You“ Album nach Hannover kommen, ist die Originalbesetzung von ELASTE...

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Dinner With Andy

Dinner With Andy

The ELASTE squad had two icons who stood the test of time: Andy Warhol and David Bowie. The King of Pop Art, our biggest inspiration, and the most enormous influence in contemporary art were coming to visit the Hinterland.  Thomas loved his silkscreen prints...

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Kraftwerk: Their 30 Greatest Songs, Ranked!

Kraftwerk: Their 30 Greatest Songs, Ranked!

From cycling soundtracks to anti-nuclear protest music, we celebrate the work of the late Florian Schneider and the groundbreaking group he co-founded. Kraftwerk in 1978, with the late Florian Schneider second from right. Photograph: Kraftwerk/Redferns 30. Expo 2000...

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Depeche Mode before they were Depeche Mode

After their 1986 album Black Celebration, new wave legends Depeche Mode fully committed to being the most gloriously gloomy band next to The Cure to appear on stadium stages. Earnest pleas for tolerance like “People are...

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Daniel Miller on Mute Records and his latest most ambitious project STUMM433. In 1978 in London the young musician by the name Daniel Miller recorded two songs, “T.V.O.D.” and “Warm Leatherette” under the moniker The Normal. He knocked on the door of Rough Trade...

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“You know what I wouldn’t do? Launch another style, fashion or music magazine. If I see another independent magazine that is desperate for a Prada ad in it… please. Why? I love that the fashion industry has supported the new talent, but it seems to me that right now...

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Two Scratchers, Beef Jerky, and a Power Ball

  A rapper doing jazz, a rocker doing rap, a trumpeter doing electric guitar. There are no rules in the musical realm of trumpeter-turned-rapper Pan Amsterdam. After a persona shrouded in mystery, he revealed his true...

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Keith Flint: RIP The Orginal Firestarter

Keith Flint: RIP The Orginal Firestarter

By gleefully escalating the moral panic around British dance culture, Keith Flint, the Prodigy frontman showed that rave could be the true successor to rock’n’roll. With his punk aesthetic of piercings, spiked hair and intense stare, Flint became one of the UK’s most...

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If you believe you have an equal share In the whole wide world and all it bears An' that your share is no less or more than Your fellow sisters and brother man Then take this knowledge and with it insist Declare yourself - an...

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Poundshop Kardashians

I drink and watch the zoo in motion Beautiful people devoid of emotion Sterilized, pedicured, pedigrees and mankind Thick as fuck and soulless And no longer fear genocide It’s gonna end from what I reckon As I puke my guts...

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Ghosts Don’t Walk in Straight Lines

Ghosts Don’t Walk in Straight Lines

Opening next Thursday at Red Hook Labs in New York, “Ghosts Don’t Walk in Straight Lines” is a chronicle of the artist and model Saskia de Brauw’s slow, southward amble from Manhattan’s 225th Street to Battery Park over the course of a single day in May 2015. The...

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A Very Los Angeles Welcome

A Very Los Angeles Welcome

Since leaving his native Australia in 1980, the musician Nick Cave has made his home in many cities, from London to Berlin to Brighton. But perhaps nowhere does his lushly dark aesthetic make more sense than in Los Angeles, where he now often spends time with his...

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Love is Magic

A silly, smutty slice of arch brilliance that also makes room for quiet introspection, John Grant, the American musicians's fourth album is an accomplished balancing act. An epic of squelching synthesisers and breathlessly far-ranging lyrics – touching on everything...

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Jenny Holzer on the Power of the Word in Art

Jenny Holzer on the Power of the Word in Art

As her work goes on display as part of a new group show, the provocative artist reflects on a career making the written word an art form. In the beginning was the word, and the word was art – though rarely do we conflate the two. Image and text are largely considered...

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The Man Who Fell to Earth

It was Bowie’s most celebrated film – and photographer David James was on hand to capture the star at his intimate and engaging best.

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Kraftwerk Drawings by Yosuke Kawamura

Kraftwerk Drawings by Yosuke Kawamura

Kawamura became a leading force in the alternative movement known as “hetauma” (so bad that it’s good), which came to exert a powerful influence on the history of illustrative art, and he attracted widespread attention with his abundant output of works. He has been...

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Joy As An Act of Resistance

Idles: Angular rage from Britain's most necessary band. Life at the sharp end … Idles Pop music takes us to some wonderful places in 2018 but, Sleaford Mods aside, doesn’t often reflect the sharp end of austerity, post-referendum Britain. But, 18 months after their...

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Madonna Revisited

Madonna Revisited

In 1985, Madonna, on the precipice of stardom, chose to be interviewed by her friend, character actor Harry Dean Stanton, about her angsty childhood and her biggest influences. Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone entered a new phase of life this summer when she married –...

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New York City. 1981-1983: 36 Months That Changed the Culture

New York City. 1981-1983: 36 Months That Changed the Culture

“Decades are like people,” writes Frank Bruni in his opening essay for T’s Culture issue. “Some take up more oxygen than others. The 1980s were that way, most notably at the start and especially in New York City … People lived louder and larger than they had just...

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Welcome to the Desert of the Real

Did dystopian science fiction and postmodern theory simply predict the decay of reality, or actually cause it? Lost in “the desert of the real” with Donald Trump: We all took the red pill, right? “Welcome to the desert of the real,” Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne)...

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David Byrne’s Cheerful Dystopia

David Byrne’s Cheerful Dystopia

His new album, “American Utopia,” portrays “the state of the country: who we are, who we hope to be, all this kind of thing.” David Byrne’s first album since 2012, “American Utopia,” explores “the state of the country: who we are, who we hope to be, all this kind of...

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Ma' Ma' Raschplatz Da

„»Just what is it that makes today ́s home so different, so appealing?« (Richard Hamilton, 1956)
Wenn der Postmann zweimal klingelt, liegt meist ein kleines Kärtchen in meinem Flur. So auch diesmal »Basement« Hannover Raschplatz. Eröffnung Freitag 12.6.81 22h. Knapp am dreizehnten vorbei, dachte ich und lenkte meinen Wagen einige Tage später durch die trostlose Gegend hinter dem Bahnhof. Beinahe am Ziel angelangt ging ́s dann auch noch in den Keller. Gleißende Leuchtstoffröhren, Pirelli Gummi auf dem Boden, die Decke unverkleidet, hier und da ein bißchen Chrom. Der erste Blick signalisiert, hier wollte jemand der Café– und Diskothekenszene mit ihren pastellfarbigen, schimmernden Barocktempeln eine Ohrfeige verpassen.“
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